Crowe confirms further bus service improvements

Cllr Mike Crowe Chair of the Transport Committee Galway has confirmed that a proposal to erect six bus shelters on the Headford Road route will be brought before Council meeting on Monday.

“I can confirm that a report will be presented to Councillors which will be propose to erect six bus shelters along the Headford Road, three of them will be located adjacent to Castlelawn Heights, Brookdale and Ballinfoyle Mews. The other three will be opposite Tirellan Heights and in Bothar Na Choiste.
It is important that we continue the roll out of these shelters and we are already seeing the benefit of them on the Parkmore-Doughiska-Eyre Square route.”

“These shelters will be of modern design and will include seating, lighting and timetable information. The installation will also include access kerbing for wheelchair and mobility impaired users. As part of the Galway Strategic Bus study, which we adopted in 2007, shelters should be erected at bus stops to provide proper facilities for commuters to encourage greater usage of bus services. These facilities will be capable of accommodating the display of real time information which is intended to provide in the near future”

“Also on our agenda is to develop four bus shelters at the back of the Cathedral. I expect works to commence here in the coming weeks which will coincide with Bus Eireann changing to what are known as “Radial” routes servicing the East side of the City. This will mean that buses on the Parkmore, Renmore etc routes will run from there direct to the Cathedral via Eyre Square. This will end buses which currently run from the east side of the city over to Knocknacara and the West side and will alleviate hold ups which occur because they have to go from one end of the city to the other. As a result this should further improve time keeping”

Along with the aforementioned we are also about to launch a web site called The site will contain information from all the service providers including routes, timetables, maps etc.




I believe will be a welcome addition to public transport in Galway City. It will build awareness of services and prices. As well as been obviously very helpful to local users it will also help the tourist get around the city.”

“We have been working on this for sometime now. The current information in the public domain is totally unsatisfactory. One day in the recent past we actually surveyed a number of people on buses about the current bus service in Galway and the feedback was largely negative. Things such as outdated maps, abbreviations not been clear and buses simply not turning up all came out in the feedback. I believe by doing this survey and getting information from regular bus users, this method gave us a clear insight in to the problems and challenges that users currently face daily. As a result we will now have much clearer information on the web along with colour illustrated maps that will show exactly where the bus begins, goes to, stops etc”

“We need to overhaul the image of bus transport with modern marketing and this is part of this. I believe that it will also increase passenger numbers and we will develop a Galway Bus Brand Identity. Along with the website we will also be printing new maps and timetables which contain the relevant information for that bus provider which again will be much more user friendly than what we have presently.”

“We are constantly working on improving the bus services and putting in place the infrastructure needed. The continued roll out of bus shelters along with further bus lanes and the necessary information and marketing tools are all moving towards a much better rounded experience for the bus user ” concluded Crowe