Estates need urgent care.

Cllr Mike Crowe has said there are a number of estates on the east side of Galway City which are not been looked after by a number of interested parties including Landlords, Galway City Council and some residents and that this needs to be addressed urgently.

“There are a number of concerns in theses estates that need to be addressed. Firstly in one estate there are three caravans that are parked in the driveways of houses and are been lived in. This is totally unacceptable to all of the other residents in this estate. It is not acceptable under the planning laws and I have held meetings with the Council in order to get these moved on. The landlords that own these properties don’t give a dam about the other residents in the area and are only interested in getting the rent. Once they get rent they don’t care. Notice has been served on these landlords and they have now been formally notified of intentions to take the required action should these caravans not move on.”

“The majority of Landlords look after their property but the few like these make life hell for the other people living around the area. In cases as well as the caravans, horses are also running freely. It is only a matter of time before a serious accident happens involving these horses. We need a combined effort by Galway City Council, the Gardai and Landlords. In my view the Landlords in question need to improve their attitude to the properties in question. They need to understand that their actions have consequences for others and affect their lives. In my view if Landlords are not going to co-operate with the residents around these estates and keep their properties in order then we need to develop a different approach, possibly public ally highlighting individual properties”