Menlo City's Top Priority

Cllr Mike Crowe has said this week "that Menlo Village should be and hopefully will be Galway City Councils top priority as a result of the current flooding".

"I have visited Menlo Village several times in the last week and witnessed first hand the enormous difficulty that the people of the area are experiencing as a result of flooding. There is a Turlough located just opposite the T-Junction as you drive in to the area and this is the primary reason for the flood"

"I have ensured that the City Council are doing all they can presently to contain the flood and we have a pump on site which is alleviating some of the water. The residents of the area have been working day and night, doing all they can to try and save water entering their homes and have to be commended."

"I brought Senator Mark Daly to Menlo on Monday afternoon. Senator Daly is deputy spokesperson on Innovation and Office of Public Works in the Oireachtas and he came down from Dublin at my request to witness the problem and has assured me, that should Government funding be required for this project, he will do all in his power to help deliver it"

"This Turlough floods a couple of times a year and while this has brought the problem to the forefront we need not just to deal with the present crisis but also, to put in a solution to deal with this problem once and for all. I have had several meetings with the engineers in the Council and also the Director of Services for Water Infrastructure in the last few days and we are currently assessing what the best option is. I hope that we can reach that decision in the coming days and get the solution in place as soon as possible. I will continue to work hard until this is achieved"