Richshaws to be regulated

Cllr Michael J Crowe this week confirmed that Galway City Council are to introduce bye-laws for the operation of “Rickshaws” and any other non-motorised passenger transport in Galway City.

“I believe for some time that the operating of Rickshaws in Galway needs to be regulated and that the introduction of bye-laws are a necessary part of this. As Chairperson of the Transport Committee, I had held a number of meetings over the past few months with the staff of the Transport Section in the Council to draw up a set of draft laws. This has now been done and these are to be considered by the Transport Committee today (Thursday).”

“Some of the proposed laws include that all persons must hold a licence to operate a Rickshaw. They will be required to apply to Galway City Council for this and must have an up to date tax clearance cert, proper insurance that must include Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance etc before a licence will be issued. There will be an annual fee of circa 100.00 for the licence and it will be valid for twelve months. Also they will not be allowed to drive on any pedestrian area, any open spaces or any green areas in the city and must remain on the public road. Furthermore the Rickshaws will have to have adequate lighting to the front and rear of the vehicle and must display a valid disc. The licence will only be valid to the person it is issued to and must be returned to the council should the operator give up the business. All proposed operators will also be vetted for suitability by the Gardai ”

“There is also three areas in the city that will be designated hiring stands for Rickshaws in the City. Another aspect been considered is limiting the number of licences issued. As I know first hand if you have a policy of issuing an unlimited number of licences as has happened in other industries, this can cause more problems than it solves. You must have a full-regulated controlled operating environment.”

“It’s my believe that with the introduction of these bye-laws it will “tidy up” this industry in Galway. At the moment it is totally unregulated and in cases some of these have been causing a nuisance around our city particulary late at night. In my opinion anyone that is running a service transporting members of the public must be regulated by the relevant authorise such as Galway City Council and the Gardai. We cannot continue to have people driving these around the city picking up the public, charging a fee and answerable to no one. That cannot continue and with the introduction of these bye-laws will not. They are to be considered by the Transport Committee first and will then be referred to the full Council for their views. The draft laws will also allow a period for any members of the public to make a comment on and all of these views will be considered before the Council will implement this new policy. I think these new laws will be welcomed by the people of Galway”